HBCU Dance Training

HBCU Dance Training

HBCU Dance Clinics are back for Summer 2019! We've created an entire outline of important topics for you to learn; six weeks of valuable information:


  • Session One- Technique Basics

Technical dance basics are important for all dancers looking to dance on a college or professional platform. This class is will introduce basic technique movements and technical vocabulary. 


  • Session Two- Makeup Tutorial

College dance teams aren't just about dance training, it's important to look the part as well. We will dive into makeup tricks and tips surrounding "dance face."


  • Session Three- Parades & Walks

It's important to not just talk the talk but walk the walk...literally. A performance for an HBCU dancer starts the movement she WALKS outside. This class will cover walks and how to walk with confidence. 


  • Session Four- Field Choreography

Field choreography is where technique comes into play. In this class you will learn a field combination that will challenge you and push you to the next level. 


  • Session Five- HBCU Myth Busting Workshop

This informational class will answer all of your questions surrounding Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and possibly bust fictional myths surrounding these schools (we encourage parents to attend this class as well). 


  • Session Six- Stand Choreography

It's everyone's favorite topic in HBCU dance, but did you know there are improper ways to execute stands? This class will cover confidence building, stand etiquette, and choreography.