About Us

Buck Out Cleveland is a dance organization and studio dedicated to offering technical dance training, performance opportunities, character development, audition preparation, and educational assistance to aspiring marching band auxiliary members at Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) and dancers curious about pursuing dance as a career. Our goal is to ensure that youth who aspire to become professional and college-level dancers are not inhibited by the lack of access to the tools and resources necessary to thrive in the field.


Our mission is to utilize dance to successfully bridge the gap between Northeast Ohio (NEO) youth and higher education at Historically Black Colleges & Universities while increasing the awareness of obtainable dance careers.


Our vision is to see dancers from NEO obtain fruitful careers in dance, creating a cyclical trend of empowerment and success in the community.

This organization shall:

  • Provide scholarships and financial support to NEO youth pursuing professional and collegiate dance careers including academic scholarships, exposure opportunities, uniforms, and other needs as determined;

  • Provide programming surrounding character development to NEO youth pursuing professional and collegiate dance careers;

  • Coordinate events and programs that are pertinent to the mission of the organization.

Our Founder




The Buck Out Cleveland was established by LaChanee’ Hipps, a former collegiate band auxiliary dancer (Alabama State University Stingettes) and current professional dancer (Power House Dance Team Cleveland Cavaliers). LaChanee’ was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio where she attended East Cleveland City Schools. Over the years, many aspiring dancers have looked up to LaChanee’ for guidance as they worked toward their goal of becoming collegiate and/or professional dancers. Unfortunately, many young people who seek to cultivate their passion for dance lack the essential resources necessary to get fully prepared for careers in dance. As a result, LaChanee’ founded the Buck Out Cleveland to support those who aspire to have careers in dance but lack essential resources. 

Buck Out Cleveland

1242 E. 49th Street

Suite 5-3N, 3rd Floor

Cleveland, Ohio 44114